Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The House Martins and the Swallows are back. Which means it’s officially summer!

When I was walking back down towards the house two days ago (I’d been out for a lovely walk with Jill), there were two. Now there are a ridiculous number of birds swooping and whirring through the air, taking sheer pleasure in being alive.

Most animals we take care not to anthropomorphise, but these birds are certainly an exception. The amount of poetry and literature written with these wonderful birds in mind does show that they are some of the most beloved of all our lovely birds.

It’s something about their carefree nature, the skill in their flight. And also, I think because their nests are so visible, thus allowing us all to see a row of wee faces keeking out at you when you pass. And there’s nothing people love more than a baby animal!

This time of year is great, especially with the recent sunshine after the rain as everything just leaps on so quickly again. But things do come on at different rates, sheltered, but sun-drenched trees coming out before those that have to battle with the chill wind each and every day. This makes spring walks more interesting, it brings variety to our lives, and there’s nothing quite like seeing a favourite tree coming in to bloom with all its leaves almost translucent in the sun. Ahh, days like that are few and far between, but are well and truly wonderful.