Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Long time no speak!

Hi all, just a little note to apologise for my long-term silence. I have started a new job which has been mega exhausting in body and soul, and that I have been working regular 13 hour days for, but it's improving now (just spending a couple of hours this morning planning where to go next...I love that I have the freedom to arrange my own days, rather than working under someone else's directions!) and I thought I would just quickly show you all some pics of what I've been up to recently...
Ahem, yes, I made this dress! I am immensely proud and cannae wait to start on my next project! 

Was hugging a tree (to gain to DBH), felt something soft and not very tree-like - a gorgeous nest! Chicks have fledged, nest was empty. Lovely.

Look what I stumbled upon on the long grass! Stunning, I startled another the day before yesterday, and then managed to calmly approach this one. It was aware, but didn't run until it had to which was really very special.

I can't seem to get my phone to upload photos just onto my computer, though this is definitely techie unsavvy me rather than anything else. And cause I am in a rush I ain't gonna waste time! 

Hope you're all well, thanks for reading! Have any of your been up to anything exciting recently?