Friday, 12 September 2014


That's what we all want, really?

Some people think that money is the way to happiness, and if that's what they find then that's fine.
Others think family and friends make them happy, and that's even better, but it's not really the truth either.

What about it coming from inside of us, and that we each of us are in charge of our own happiness. What about that? I can become so reliant on making (other) people happy with my decisions, that it becomes very hard at times to decide to be selfish and to make a decision based on my needs and desires.

It is hard, because, as social animals, we want to make the pack happy. We also want to fit in, and to achieve the same things that have been drilled into us since we were wee. But, just because everyone else is doing something, is that what will also make you happy? I don't think so, any more.

I've not had a proper paid job for some time now, and that has made me very unhappy. But, when I think about it. In that period of time, I have ended up doing some wonderful things instead. I've been trekking, working at other things, undertaking crafts, relaxing, walking... Time has become a blur, as I have no boundaries of time and place, but on the whole, it has been great. One of the best things has been working as a focaliser for Trees for Life, and that showed me really what I want to do with life: teach, enthuse, inform and educate. So I'm putting that into motion now.

It's what comes between making a decision and putting it into motion that makes things difficult, but I have decided that I must put my own happiness first and undertake something that makes me very, very happy.

I'm going back to Spain.

Have any of you made any decisions regarding happiness recently?