Wednesday, 21 June 2017


The feeling of racing, spinning, diving, rising and falling with the wind. The waves firing up to meet your wings and, impervious, you fly on. Soar on, for the energy is in the air, the wild wind, the tumultuous breath of the earth – not in you. You feel buffeted and by allowing yourself to be so you thus become strong. You are animal, after all. Wings, feathers, bones, muscle, sinew.

The possibilities are immense - you just need the power of imagination and with it you can travel the world. There is no limit, except the one you desire for yourself. The wind has not ceased, it continues to blow.

Your attention wavers and you tumble. The wings that have kept you aloft were almost the downfall, and the wind and the sea almost brought you down. But not yet. Your story continues. The wings are still present for another day.

The sky lifts you again.

The future is beneath you, the hope and thought of another day lifting you higher and higher and you are strong. Stronger than the negative forces and stronger and more beautiful than the good, for life thrums through you: wings, feathers, bones, muscles, sinew and something worth more than all of those; something ever-lasting and made of light.

For you, you are soul. 

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