The books in my life

Animal Tracks and Signs - Preben Bang and Preben Dahlstrom (2011 edition)

Plants and Habitats- Ben Averis
     It's very new to me, but I think this is going to be absolutely fantastic in helping me learn about the plants and habitats of Britain.

The Tree Planters Guide to the Galaxy - Fi Martynoga
     Brilliant book, one of the best!

The Birdwatcher's Garden - H & P Johnson
     How to manage your garden for birds, but works for all wildlife. A very readable and useable book - I followed these instructions for my birdboxes.

Managing Habitats for Conservation - W Sutherland and D Hill
     A very handy reference book

Fifty Animals that Changed the Course of History - E. Chaline

The Day Before Yesterday - Colin Tudge

The Secret Life of Trees - Colin Tudge
     I read this book several years ago and have never looked back. It opened in me a greater understanding of trees, and so now I love them not just for their beauty, but also for their biology and ecology.

How to Become an Ecological Consultant - Susan Searle
     Invaluable, though it hasn't worked quite yet! 

Nests - S Beals
     Just absolutely beautiful....

Migrations: Travels of a Naturalist - B Tulloch

Frozen Planet - Fothergill and Berlowitz

Panda: Back from the Brink - Z Mengqi
     Ah, my original favourite animal. Beautiful photography and this book covers all aspects of their life. I highly recommend it.

Wonderful Life - Stephen Jay Gould
     Read this if you want to explore more about the origins of life!

At the Water's Edge - John Lister Kaye

Hope for Animals and their World - Jane Goodall

Life is Good: Conservation in the Age of Mass Extinction - Jeremy Leon Hance
      I've blogged about this one: heatherybean/book-review

Otters - Mason and MacDonald

Otters: Ecology, Behaviour and Conservation - Hans Kruuk
      A very readable and enjoyable book, I absolutely love this! Covers all of the thirteen otter species, though with the focus on Kruuk's beloved European otter

The Song of the Dodo - David Quammen
     Ah, now this book elevated Quammen to the ranks of one of my favourite ever authors. Read and weep.

My Family and Other Animals - Gerald Durrell

The Hundred Best Animals - Lilian Cask

Beyond Conservation - Peter Taylor
     100% inspiration. Brilliant, I would like to see at least some of these ideas play out through the course of my career!

100 Animals to see before they die - Nick Garbutt